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What is Reporting Software? What does Reporting Software Do?

October 10, 2011 | By More

What is Reporting Software?

Reporting software takes information from one or more data sources and presents it in an easy to read format by using graphics so that better decisions can be made. Thus, reporting software helps you to make the most out of your company’s data and maximize profits by improving critical decision-making.


With what is reporting software question answered here’s some more in-depth look into its benefits. Reporting software typically allows you to create reports in a variety of formats, so that they are suitable to the specific end-users. Reports may be static or highly structured. Highly structured reports will be created by a professional designer. On the other hand, ad hoc reports may be created by not so experienced people. Reporting software also provides tools to both IT professionals and business users. It helps you create flexible, fast and powerful reports containing critical and up-to-date information.

What does Reporting Software Do?


Good reporting software will have loads of features to offer you. Some of the features are as follows:-

Easy to use

The reporting software must be intuitive for end-users and also support a full library of reusable elements. It must minimize the amount of coding that has to be performed by the developer. It will support sophisticated users as well.

Excellent value

It must provide features such as drill down and consolidation of data. It must also support exporting the data as and when necessary.

Application independent reports

The reports created must not be limited to any particular application and in general must be compatible with document formats created by other applications.

Data source connection capabilities

Programming difficulties must not arise on connection to multiple data sources.

On demand reporting

Reporting software must be able to generate immediate responses by querying various databases and provide customized reports the user such as managers. This enables them to analyze information in real-time.

Ad-hoc reporting

It must be able to produce reports for ad hoc queries quickly, so that it can meet the rapidly changing business needs.

Scheduled reporting

Scheduled reports allow batch generation of reports. Hence this is a very flexible feature which saves time.

Easy report modification

Drag-and-drop feature to support easy report modifications.

Archiving of reports

The reporting software must support efficient formats for archiving reports which has a good compression ratio as well as a quick access time.

Easy trending and analysis

Automated report generation enables you to capture security and network intelligence.


Reporting software typically includes a wide variety of products bundled into a single package. Some of the products include a reports library, report designer, report server, modeling languages, an integrated development environment and a tool to deploy reports. Such bundled reporting software is particularly useful to developers as they can be implemented
into programming languages such as Java and .net. It should also support OLAPand integration into SAP.


  •  Provides huge time savings through automatic report generation
  •  Very rapid time to value
  •  One single application for all your reporting needs
  •  Run on existing IT infrastructure
  •  Power to extend the data to the web and beyond
  •  Interactive information visualization
  •  Online analytical processing
  •  Rapid ROI
  •  Reduces management time and cost
  •  Cross functional reporting
  •  Improved productivity
  •  Increased visibility of security threats
  •  Powerful authoring environment
  •  Build custom reports
  •  Enterprise wide report distribution
  •  Access through a browser or mobile device
  •  Deliver information without adding to IT overload
  •  Scalable for expanding needs

By considering the above factors, it’s safe to say that whether you are a manager, a programmer, a business administrator, an end-user, a business professional, an entrepreneur or a developer, reporting software has got a lot to offer. Pick out the reporting software of your choice today and enhance your productivity!

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